Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interesting blogs

I show you my favorite blogs.

1. Stardoll and the city by NessaRosebleed:
(banner designed by me)
At this blog Nessa posts every day interesting things, and now there's a new feature: Starplaza item of the week. She'll upload every week a clothing on a graphic, made by me. The first picture released today.
Stardoll Stylists
2. The Stardoll stylists by Vasia28, me, DaBayBeez and sd_is_da_best.
Unfotunately MarsaL15 (aka Eftychia) quit, and I replaced her as a main contributor.
At there, the writers ("stylists") create outfits from the Starplaza, or if you ask, they create from your wardrobe. Vasia sometimes post about the newest trends, too.

3. MeDoll mania by Fionamcgonigle and a lot of writers (including me).
(No banner)
There we give the people classic "Before-After" makeovers, using their MeDoll editor. Being featured on this blog doesn't mean you have a bad MeDoll, it's just a place for people to express their creativity.

Enjoy reading them!

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  1. Aww:)Thanks for including my blog in your post. So sweet...