Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do artistic makeovers from today

I'm getting bored of the typical elegant "elite" (as everyone calls it) makeup, so I tried to do something different... above you can see my makeovers so far.

I know, Elena/Lady Psychpsych (what a word!) is an artist: she is famous of her unique outfits.
I decided to give her a makeover because of it.

The another big artist. Her favorite color is white, she uses it for her every outfit.
But here, in this makeup I used black and blue.

She has an EMO style, so she asked for a non-elite makeup!
And she got it :P Black-purple stripes.

This was my first artistic makeup. I applied red and pinky-purple.
I love the final look :)

So, if you like them, and you have a lot of makeup, ask me for a makeover in comments or GuestBook!

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