Monday, October 19, 2009


The SD staff is CRUEL.
Read what Boo4bettz wrote on her blog,

"When I was shown this a few minutes ago I was completely shocked!
A decent girl on SD (Yasas10) wanted stardoll to see what really happens on SD (I have sent my blog to them before but they ignored me) and look at the reply she got!
Stardoll shows us just how much they care!!! Accusing me of faking stuff when if they had actually looked they would see straight away its impossible to have been faked!
Maybe they have realized that I'm doing a better job than they ever will by actually doing everything I can to help people!
They are basically calling half of us on SD liars as MANY of these pics and stories come straight from other SD girls!"

(Sorry, girl, I edited your spelling a little bit)

I want to leave SD.


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